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Healthy Actions Medical Plan Overview

What is the Healthy Actions Medical Plan?

As a Harris County employee, you already have two amazing health insurance plans to choose from - the Base and Plus plans. For employees who commit to taking better care of their health, there are two additional plans available. These are completely optional, incentivized health insurance plans that require the completion of specific actions in order for the employee to qualify for them. The two plans are:

  • Base Healthy Actions Medical Plan
  • Plus Healthy Actions Medical Plan

These plans offer lower copays, lower deductibles and lower out-of-pocket maximums. To qualify for these plans you must earn 350 points on eligible healthy actions! See below for a list of required actions and click here for more information.


Online Cigna Health Assessment

How do I complete the online Cigna health assessment?

  1. Visit and register by clicking "Register Now" or log in to your account
  2. Once registered, log in to your myCigna account
  3. Once logged in, scroll your mouse over the Wellness tab and click “My Health Assessment”
  4. Complete the health assessment
  5. You will know you have successfully completed the health assessment when you receive your personal wellness score

My profile on says RETAKE MY HEALTH ASSESSMENT. Do I have to take the online Cigna health assessment every year?
Yes. In order to qualify for the Healthy Actions Medical Plan, the health assessment (and other required actions) must be completed every year.

How do I redeem my $25 gift card?

  1. Wait 48 hours after completing your health assessment.
  2. Log back in to
  3. Scroll your mouse over the Wellness tab and click "Incentive Rewards"
  4. Click "Redeem Your Dollars" - a new window will open showing the available amount to redeem.
  5. Read the directions and confirm your information. Click “Add to Cart” and follow the onscreen instructions to have your gift card mailed to your home.

Routine Annual Physical

What is an annual physical exam?
An annual physical ensures that you stay in good health. Unfortunately, not every exam is the same. The exam will likely include discussion about your current health, family history, past illnesses/surgeries, and/or chronic conditions. The doctor will likely check your vital signs, listen to your heart and lungs, check your ears/eyes/throat and conduct/recommend screenings and blood work specific to your age and gender.

Also known as: annual check-up, well-adult, routine preventive exam

How do I receive credit for my annual physical exam?
Your annual physical exam must be coded as an annual physical exam to receive credit. When you call to schedule your exam, be very specific with your doctor’s office. They will need to use the correct codes to ensure the appointment is billed as an annual physical.

How much does an annual physical exam cost?
Harris County employees and dependents covered by the Harris County medical plan (Cigna) can receive one annual physical exam per year covered at 100% – there is no copay. When you call to schedule your exam, be very specific with your doctor’s office. They will need to use the correct codes to ensure you are not charged.

I have a health question that isn’t considered part of the annual physical exam. Can I bring it up at my annual physical?
An annual physical exam only includes certain preventive health services. If you discuss something that isn’t considered part of the preventive exam, you may risk being billed for a regular office visit. Please do not hesitate to ask your provider upfront what the physical includes. You may need to schedule another appointment to discuss issue(s) not covered during the annual physical. Please ask your provider for further clarification.

What does NOT count as an annual physical exam?
Your doctor’s office uses different medical codes to bill the insurance for your visit. If you are managing a chronic condition, like diabetes or hypertension, you may see your doctor more than once a year but those visits are not annual physical exams. Sick visits are not annual physical exams either. These types of visits will not be coded as annual physical exams and therefore will not count toward the Healthy Actions Medical plan.

Your Choice

How many of the Your Choice options do I need to complete?
You need to complete three actions within the Your Choice category to qualify for the Healthy Actions Medical Plan. 

Do I have to complete EVERY action under the Your Choice category in order to qualify?
No. You only need to complete three actions within this category. 

Can I receive credit for participating in another 5K besides the Harris County Employee 5K? 
No. The only 5K you will receive Healthy Actions credit for is the annual Harris County Employee 5K.

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