Building Your Resilience


Recovery '21: Building Your Resilience

Based on the landmark research by Dr. Salvadore Maddi and others since, the Recovery ’21 series focuses on four areas of resiliency across the arc of the series. Different from the “one-and-done” resiliency webinar, this series builds from session-to-session maximizing learning and going far deeper into what is needed to develop the necessary skills for post-pandemic individual and organizational recovery.

  • Session 1: The Commitment - April 6, 12-1 PM
  • Session 2:  What You Control - April 13, 12-1 PM
  • Session 3:  The Challenge - April 20, 12-1 PM
  • Session 4:  Your Connections - April 27, 12-1 PM

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About the presenter: Dr. Bill Dyment, “Team Doctor,” specializes in personal and corporate change management. He’s spoken to over 3,225 audiences, 575 organizations including many Fortune 500 organizations. Since March, 2020, he has delivered more than 280 pandemic-related webinars.

Course Materials:
Dyment Personal Resiliency Assessment, 2021


Earn 150 points toward the 2022-23 Healthy Actions Medical Plan by completing three of the four sessions in this webinar series.