Online Wellness Training

Online Wellness Training

Due to the cancellation of all in-person Wellness Training, as a precaution to the COVID-19, Harris County Employees can now receive credit toward their 2021-22 Healthy Actions Medical Plan (HAMP) by participating in online Wellness Training!

Some training classes are available LIVE and others are available online for access at any time. Each class is worth 10 points toward the 2021-22 Healthy Actions Medical Plan. Participants must complete the entirety of the class (1.0 hour). You can receive points for completing more than one class per day!

Please follow the steps below to receive 2021-22 HAMP credit. Failure to correctly complete the webinars and required surveys will result in not receiving the 10-points.

Step One:

  • Select a Wellness Training Webinar from the list below
  • Visit the EAP Webcast website and fill in the boxes with your information as a ‘First time visitor’. Please write ‘HARRIS COUNTY’ in the field stating ‘Company*’
  • During the webinar, you will be prompted with the question ‘Would you like to receive a Certificate of Attendance?’ Select ‘yes’.
  • In order to qualify for the certificate, you  need to attend the presentation, select ‘yes’ that they want the certificate ,  and then complete the end of seminar survey to rate the EAP seminar
  • You will receive a PDF certificate to your e-mail after the webinar is finished. Save this certificate, as it will be used as a receipt that you completed the class.
  • Keep in mind that only certain webinars are available for 2021-22 HAMP credit, so please select from the list below.


Step Two:

  • To receive HAMP credit you MUST complete a Survey for the class you completed.
  • Find the Surveys by visiting (list below).
  • Select the corresponding Survey Monkey link for the class you completed.
  • Complete all the required questions.
  • Upload the certificate of attendance that you received via e-mail from Cigna EAP ‘Webcast Admin’.


Online Classes for HAMP Wellness Credit

Please select an online wellness training from any of the lists below! (This list will update as more classes become available.)

Upcoming LIVE Webinars

ON DEMAND Replay Webinars

Replay LIVE Webinars from our Cigna Health Coaches

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