Online Wellness Training

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Online Wellness Training

Employees are welcome to take a variety of wellness training coures that are offered every month.

WELL Living: Online seminars led by our Evernorth Health Coaches on all wellness topics including physical health, nutrition, stress management, preventative health, and more!

WELL Balanced: Online seminars led by Employee Assistance Program instructors, who are licensed counsellors and therapists! These courses focus on mental wellbeing and work/life balance.

WELL Nourished: Online seminars led by registered dietitians that include a cooking demonstration of healthy meals for you and the family!

KelseyWellness: Online seminar taught by licensed, local health professions. These courese include a short presentation followed by an open Q&A to get answers and opinions from the professionals.

Prudential Financial: Online seminars led by certified financial specialists that will cover all topics regarding financial wellness.