Bi Monthly Fitness Challenges

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What are the Fit Fam Bi-Monthly Challenges?

These challenges are excluded from the Healthy Actions Medical Plan, but are a fun way to increase general fitness as well as target specific goals or muscles. Some challenges are specific to certain body areas, muscles groups and exercises. Participants will receive cool incentives for every fully completed challenge. Are you in?

 30 Day Glute Challenge

Why is it important to train glutes?

Strong glutes are important for proper pelvic alignment, propulsion during running, and even single limb stance support. Strong glutes also help to support the lower back during lifting motions, and prevent knee injuries during lifting and running exercises.

 How to participate?

  • Challenge begins Aug 1,2021- Challenge ends: Aug 30, 2021
  • Participants do not need to sign up to participate 
  • Complete each exercise and the amount of reps for that day
  • Keep a journal of how long it takes to complete each day
  • Email final journal to
  • Only fully completed journal submitted by Sept. 3, 2021 will be considered.


Click Here to download Glute Challenge PDF


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