Fit Fam Fitness Challenge 2022


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What is the Harris County Fit Fam Fitness Challenge?

The Harris County Fit Fam Fitness Challenge is an activity-based wellness program that promotes a healthy lifestyle through social connections and physical activity. For 6 weeks, you will log your activity and compete against others to win! Whether on a team, or flying solo, prepare to work toward your fitness goals while having lots of fun!
August 29 - October 16


Here's how it works:

  • Join as a team or as individual
  • Log your activity minutes - sync an available fitness app or manually enter your time
  • Track your progress and challenge friends or colleagues
  • Chat with and cheer on your teammates on the interactive message board
  • Earn badges to mark your achievements
  • Earn a Fanny Pack for finishing the challenge!
August 15 - September 4
* The system will not allow registrations before August 15

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can spouses and dependents participate in the challenge?

Yes, spouses and dependents are welcome to join!

How long is the challenge?

The challenge lasts for 6 weeks from the date you began between August 29 - October 16

Syncing Fitness Apps/Devices

1. What is the list of fitness apps/devices that can be connected into the challenge?

The challenge connects with certain fitness apps, but not directly with devices.

Connectable apps include:

  • Fitbit
  • Garmin Connect
  • MapMyFitness
  • MapMyHike
  • MapMyRide
  • MapMyRun
  • MapMyWalk
  • Under Armor Record

For participants that download and use the iOS challenge app, they will also be able toconnect the Apple Health app (which will allow them to bring in Apple Watch data).

2. What workout types should I select on my fitness app/device if I want the minutes data to be applied in the challenge?

We suggest participants select one of the following workout types from their connected fitness app/device to ensure the data will sync into the Fitness Challenge:

• Walk
• Running
• Cycling
• Hiking (shows in the challenge as Walk)
• Yoga
• Swimming
• Other (for Apple Watch, this will show in the challenge as Aerobics)

Instructions to Log “Other” Workout from Apple Watch

1. From your watch face, press the digital crown to be taken to the Apps screen. Move around to find the Workout app icon, and tap it.

2. At the bottom of this list you will see an 'Add Workout' button. Tap on this.

3. Find the “Other” workout type, and tap to add it to the list of populate workout options

4. After tapping “Other” you will be brought back to the 'Add Workout' screen.  Tap on “Other”  to start your workout.

After performing the steps above, “Other” will now be present in the list of activities seen when you tap on the Workout app icon. The steps outlined above to Add Workout are not necessary after completing this sequence initially.


1. How many people do I need to form a team?

Minimum = 3

Max = 20

2. How do I join a team?

Sign into the challenge and click on the Team page. Search for a team by name or team captain. Request to join. The team captain will receive a notification to accept you. 

3. How do I form a team?

Sign into the challenge and click on the Team page. Enter name for new team and click Create. Teams can be anywhere from 3 to 20 people. The easiest way to invite others to your team is to email them directly and tell them to join.

4. Can I participate on more than one team?

No, you can only be on one team at a time.

5. Do I need to be on a team?

No, feel free to participate as an individual.

6. How does the team leaderboard work?

The team leaderboard is based on average team score (add up the points each team member has earned in the challenge to date and divide that number but the number of people on the team). This allows teams of different sizes to compete on a level playing field.

How do I register?

*Use a Chrome browser if possible when registering*

STEP 1: - Enter name - Select participant status 

STEP 2: - Enter valid email address - Must be a valid email address as you will be receiving a registration email that youwill need to access to finalize your registration - Enter a valid password 

STEP 3: - Enter birth date - Check to agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and age requirement 

STEP 4:- Locate the email that was sent to the email address used in Step 2, click on the 'Finalize Registration' link in the email 

Earning Points

1. How do I earn challenge points?

Earn points by logging activity, completing achievements, or completing a logged personal goal. There is a dailymaximum of 480 minutes logged allowed.

Log Activity: 1 point for every minute logged

Complete Achievements: 10-200 points each

Complete a Goal: 100 points (total) 

2. How are team points earned?

These are the points each team member earns during the challenge. The team leaderboard is based on average team score (add up the points each team member has earned in the challenge to date and divide that number but the number of people on the team). From a competition perspective, this is the best way to compete against coworkers. We encourage users to form a team, engage in healthy competition against other teams. The average of the points across team members over time allows for a great way to work with others and rely on teammates to rack up points.

3. What counts as Activity?

We recommend logging any activity that is outside your normal daily routine. For example, if you go for a 20 minute walk at lunch you can count that activity.

Activity Should:

- Be a workout

- Be more than 10 continuous minutes in duration

- Raise your heart rate or include constant movement

- Be outside your daily routine

4. How do I log my activity minutes?

Log into the challenge and click on the Tracking page. In the Log Activity section choose the date and type of activity and enter minutes. Click on Add Activity.

5. How many minutes can I log each day?

480 minutes is the maximum allowed per participant each day. However, this much activity is not recommended and would be highly irregular. Please keep your activity at healthy and sustainable levels and log that honestly.

6. How far back can I log activity? Can I add activity I forgot to log?

Yes, you can log activity back to the beginning of your challenge as long as the challenge is still active and you log the activity before the activity logging deadline (1 week after the end of the challenge).

7. How do I log my activity manually?

On the 'Tracking' Page:

1. Choose the date you would like to log activity under.

2. Then choose the 'Activity Type' from the drop down.

3. Then enter the duration (in minutes).

4. Click on 'Add Activity'.

Workout minutes recorded by your wearable device (if accurately classifies by your fitness app) will be imported to the Fitness Challenge automatically. Remember to manually start/stop your workout on your fitness app/device to ensure it accurately records and classifies your activity.

How do I earn points for my Healthy Actions Medical Plan eligibility?

1. To earn 150 points toward your 2023-24 Healthy Actions Medical Plan eligibility, you must complete both of the following steps:

  1. Link your profile to myCigna 
  2. Meet the goal criteria:  Log 30 minutes of exercise 3 days per week for 3 weeks of the challenge.

2. How do I link my profile to myCigna?

1. Go to the Tracking page and locate the button found under "Your Challenge Progress". 

2. Click the button that says "Link with myCigna".

3. You will be redirected to a login page where you will be asked to enter your myCigna credentials

4. After you click login, you will be redirected back to the Tracking page where you will be able to see the updated "Linked to myCigna" indicator

3. Why do I need to link my profile to myCigna?

Harris County has chosen an automated solution to pay out the incentive for this challenge. That automated solution requires a simple process to ensure the incentive payout goes to the correct person - should you 'complete' the challenge and earn your incentive. The link with myCigna is that simple process for which you only need to enter your myCigna credentials

4. My points are not showing on

This may be due to one of the following reasons:

- You did not link your challenge profile to

- You did not complete the challenge (log at least 30 of exercise at least 3 days per week for any 3 weeks of the challenge)

- The appropriate time has not passed for you to be rewarded