Check Your Actions

Where do I view my completed actions?

  1. Visit and register by clicking "Register Now" or log in to your account
  2. Once registered, log in to your myCigna account
  3. Once logged in, roll your mouse over the "Wellness" tab at the top right of the page and click "Wellness & Healthy Actions Medical Plan"
  4. Your points will appear in a box called 'Incentives Earned for Me'
  5. To see a full list of the available actions and actions that you completed, scroll down and click on 'View all Healthy Actions Medical Plan'

When will my completed actions appear?

Cigna receives data from the following sources to credit points toward your Healthy Actions eligibility: 

  • Harris County - County-coordinated wellness series, participation in the Harris County FitFam Challenge, and completion of the Mental Health First Aid training course
  • Davis Vision - In-network routine vision exams (Employees must self-report this)
  • Cigna Dental - In-network routine dental cleanings
  • Cigna internal programs - Omada for Cigna, Cigna Health Coaching, Apps & Activities and the Cigna health assessment
  • Preventive care claims submitted to Cigna by in-network providers - Physicals, biometric screenings, flu vaccinations, mammograms, annual OB/GYN exams, prostate cancer screening and colon cancer screenings

Your actions may take up to 60 days to appear on You must also complete the Step 1 action (Cigna health assessment) before your Step 2 actions will be credited. Cigna still receives the data for these actions however they will only appear once Step 1 is completed.

Since many of your actions are dependent on how your provider "codes" the visit (preventive vs. sick care), please confirm the purpose of your visit at the beginning of your exam/screening.