Healthy Actions Medical Plan
Harris County employees that completed healthy actions for the 2023-24 Healthy Actions Medical Plan tracking period, are currently receiving the benefits of the program. After this year, the Healthy Actions Medical Plan will no longer be available for Harris County Employees as we transition to the Healthy Actions Incentive.


What is the Healthy Actions Medical Plan?

As a Harris County employee, you already have two amazing health insurance plans to choose from - the Base and Plus plans. For employees who commit to taking better care of their health, there are two additional plans available. These are completely optional, incentivized health insurance plans that require the completion of specific actions in order for the employee to qualify for them. The two plans are:

  • Base Healthy Actions Medical Plan
  • Plus Healthy Actions Medical Plan


What are the benefits?

Regardless of whether you choose the Base Healthy Actions Medical Plan or Plus Healthy Actions Medical Plan, you could save money on your medical expenses. The Healthy Actions Medical Plan options offer:

  • Lower copays (the amount you pay for physician office visits)
  • Lower deductibles (the initial out-of-pocket costs that must be paid before the plan begins to pay benefits)
  • Lower out-of-pocket maximums (the limit on what you must pay out of pocket for medical expenses within the calendar year)
  • The same premium cost as your selected Base or Plus plan - there is no additional cost to you!

How much could I save?

Click here for a breakdown of the cost savings for both the Base and Plus plan options.


What do the savings really mean for you?